Staff notice vs. staff note

While doing translations, I got confused about the difference between Staff Note (staff-notes plugin) and Staff Notice (recently added to core/client.yml).

Find it a bit confusing and am not sure how to translate correctly.


@udan11 we should do a quick #feature:announcements topic on the new staff notice feature once the UI is settled.

(you can do a draft of your feature announcement as a reply here)


Staff Note is a bit misnamed, it should be Add User Note, since it is attached to the user, not the post, and this option is only available to staff anyways, and through a plugin at that. You can make that change in the Staff Notes plugin UI @udan11.

(I find it a bit confusing that this option is offered on the post, personally.)


I have changed the label to “Add User Note”.

I also find it confusing. I believe it was put there because a note may reference a post. Each note has a little “Show Post” button which can provide some context.


Draft for #feature:announcements

Post Notices

In Discourse 2.3.0.beta4 we added a special call-out notice for new/returning users. Staff can now add custom call-outs above posts, which appear similar to the new user first post call-out.

This notes can be added from the :wrench: button (post admin actions) and :shield: Add Staff Notice.

taken and adapted from Discourse 2.3.0.beta9 Release Notes by @jomaxro


How does adding a staff notice affect posts that are already displaying a new/returning user call-out? Will the call-out be removed and replaced, or does the notice get appended to the call-out?


Only one notice can be active for a post. If a post has the new/returning user call-out, it must be first removed (using the :shield: Remove Staff notice button). After that, a new notice can be added using the :shield: Add Staff Notice button.


@udan11, is their a way to change the color of the “add staff color” option?

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You can use custom CSS to change that:

.moderator .regular>.cooked {
background-color: #ccffcc;

One issue with the Rename of Staff Notes -> User Notes is the modal still says “Staff Notes”:

Also I should add that the modal has lost proper styling. That needs to be fixed, @awesomerobot can you take a peek?

Secondly, there is the bigger issue that the plugin is called discourse-staff-notes and we now refer to it as user notes. I think if we are taking this route we should bite the bullet and rename the whole plugin.


Improved some styling here, and updated some of the user-facing translations… didn’t go as far to update the setting names or more of the backend naming, I can do that in a separate commit later