Staff posts and color

(ForgotPants) #1

Is it possible to add staff color to all posts by Staff? All moderators or admins posts basically.

(Kane York) #2

Why would you want to do that? Sometimes your staff will just want to participate as a normal member of the community.


article[data-user-id="10019"] {
  // css css css

(Mittineague) #3

AFAIK all moderators have this capability via the wrench. And as riking just posted while I was typing this. most of the time I/m posting as a fellow member, not as a staff member. I reserve using the color for “gentle corrective” posts eg. “Please stay on topic” etc. where I am speaking as a staff member.

(ForgotPants) #4

Thanks for the code! Yeah I wouldn’t want it to appear everywhere but incase it was needed, just wanted to know :smile:

(Jeff Atwood) #5

Add Staff Color is under the admin wrench for each post, like so: