Standard users cannot add new participants to PMs anymore

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first off, since this is my first post: Thanks for the great work!

In version 2.8.0.beta6, users, which are not moderators or administrators, cannot add new participants to private conversations anymore, independent of their trust level. They now only have an option to remove users.

As far as I understand from this older post, this should be the behavior for TL1 (but not for the TLs above).

Since I found nothing regarding this in the release notes, I suppose it is a bug. If not, it would be great if you could redirect me to a setting where I can enable this again. Thanks!

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which commit of beta6 ? with 0532a5a43e it still works.
I believe because I have min trust level to allow invite set to 3, TL2 can remove and TL3 can remove and invite (I also have max invites per day not set to 0).


Hi, it is cba8b39607.

But maybe this isn’t actually a bug. I wasn’t aware that the “min trust level to allow invite” setting (which was recently set to TL4) is linked to the invitations to PMs. Doesn’t this setting allow users to invite others to the forum itself?

We want to give the right to let the members invite others to their conversations but under no circumstances let them invite other people to the forum.

Yes it does (hence the TL3 for me)

That will probably need a plugin.
I didn’t realize PM or topic invites and “external” invites were linked before your topic :sweat_smile:
But I think this is by design, as forums tend to be open (don’t get me wrong I also have a login-only one and could use of some granularity here, I’ve chosen to hide the topics invite button to avoid some confusion and had forgotten about the PM).

Some kind of workaround could be to set every category security to read/write to some “approved” groups and let no topic be uncategorized. Without being proprietary of any group a TL2 user wouldn’t be able to add any invitee to any (approved) group.
It should also be doable with the data explorer to list the users invited by non-staff ones, or keep a close eye on

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