Start fresh from demo site

Is there a way to (obviously via root) to clear all log data, to wipe the entire site’s logs.

I had a site setup as a demo to my professional organization. We have done a lot of playing around with it. Now we want to use it for day to day operations, so I’m deleting all demo threads, and the user accounts we staged to make it look how we needed to demonstrate, but not the active users who will remain.
Without having to setup a new discourse instance (as we all now have confirmed accounts on this instance) as well as the settings and structure are all customized, but once I delete all site content and we want to “start fresh.” (All content, including logs.)

Bottom line, I don’t want someone in a year when I or other people are gone asking what was this, or that. If it’s not doable, so be it. But if it is, how would I go about it?


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Nobody except the admins can see the logs. I’m not following what problems it is going to solve?

im aware. I want the site wiped clean, posts, threads, logs.

only leave settings, categories, users intact.

basically rake the site clean to leave no previous record of all the sandbox playing around. Start fresh from day 1 as a live site for our use. This is for use inside a professional organization where the leadership (elected) has to be given admin privs even though they don’t maintain it. I want to start fresh without having to spool up a new instance and reconfigure and customize it all over again.

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I’m afraid the approach I know is to go delete the files inside the logs folder
But You can wait for a better solution by someone who understands discourse better than me.

However, I don’t see the problem with doing a fresh install and replication of settings as 1:1 it’ll help you in a lot of ways to keep things managed.

I believe @techAPJ has a way to export just the settings?


Main thing I’m trying to avoid by not starting a fresh instance is having to reregister everyone.

Yes, we have rake tasks to export/import site settings:

rake site_settings:export > settings.yml
rake site_settings:import < settings.yml

Does settings include user profiles?

No, the site settings rake task only exports site settings, all the configurations you made at /admin/site_settings, nothing else.