Started a new Discourse forum - this one's for developers!

A little bit different to what we’ve been doing with Discourse, this time rather than try to mould Discourse to fit into a site… we built the site to fit into Discourse!

It’ll make more sense if you see it…

Huge shout to the Discourse team and in particular to @riking because if it wasn’t for his data-explorer plug-in I probably wouldn’t have even considered going down this route. Now that I know this kind of thing is possible, I am already considering converting some of the other forums I admin to Discourse!

If you’re a developer please drop by and say hi! We have some really cool things planned and we are even looking to expand our portals beyond languages and frameworks… so may even have a Discourse portal one day!

Anyway just wanted to quickly post something and say thanks to the Discourse team again - you rock!


Looks really good.

The only thing that bugs me a little is that the field “Languages interested in” is a simple textbox. Maybe you could make it a dropdown or a list of checkboxes - that could then give you the power to show users content that they have selected in these fields.


Your design is lovely. I just signed up on your forum. Cheers from Pavilion