Static HTML Page - What are the Functions?

(Jens) #1


The ember.js Client seems to be embedded in a statically rendered page. What is the function of this static HTML page besides:

1.) Loading/Bootstrapping the ember.js Client
2.) Providing basic HTML Content for Search enginses

In Other words, Does the Clilent depend on this basic HTML Content to be included in the Ember.JS Client or does the Ember.JS client load all data from the “PreloadeStore”? What I mean is, that in this static html page, there are some (not all) of HTML Comments (or the list of topics) rendered as static HTML. Is this “standard HTML” used by the ember.js Client or is this only embedded as fallback for searchengines?

Could I therefore completely remove all static content and only keep the Preloadstore and the ember.js Javascriptfiles and everything still would be working?


(Robin Ward) #2

That is never used, and probably never visible to search engines because we sniff them out. The main reason that content is still there is for browsers that disable javascript. If you removed it for some reason the app should totally work.

The main thing required is the preloaded content and the basic javascript includes.

(Jens) #3

Hello Robin, thanks very much! Very helpful and interesting (with the bots send to another page) answer.

And for all interested, the source code of all files talked about, can be found here: