Static Pages plugin causing login problem

not solving my problem still some of discourse urls going thrue http not https …

Did you enable force https?

yap still no luck tryed all documentations found on google. …

You might share your URL if it’s a public site.

If you have force https on and are getting http calls then you are probably referring to them in a them or as a logo. Search settings for “http:”. the disqourse

What’s the problem?

first problem cant log in as admin ad new user after update second problem mixed content with some js files including http://tavoweb yields a BAD CSRF error.

Have you got something reverse-proxying Discourse?

You definitely have something wrong with your installation. Did you install this way: discourse/ at master · discourse/discourse · GitHub?

This way

Easy solution:
Don’t install discourse alongside plesk.

so what you offering buy another server if i got plenty resourses in this one… omg are you seariosly?

That’s the easy solution. If you don’t like that solution, you’ll need to figure out why your reverse proxy is not working correctly and sending http requests rather than https requests.

My guess is that the plex instructions you followed are for http and not https, so you’ll need to go through there and see what’s missing in your config.

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so how to install with https? in setup add email for auto lets encript? i did that … and discourse goed craisy, its instaled with ssl but the code still including http… :cold_face:

Your proxy will handle ssl in case you are using one.
There is no use of setting https in discourse container if there is a proxy in front of it.

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Found the problem!
This plugin messing discourse …

Care to elaborate or share a error log backtrace on the plugin topic? :wink:

then offing this plugin then stoping get error mixed content but stil left facebook login error

Can’t say I understand what’s wrong. Care to share the error?

Error is that instalation of discourse without ssl using servers ssl not forsing to https …if i marking force https then nathing changing just geting uncnow error then trying to log in …