Static Pages Plugin - Meta description the plugin?

(Evgeny) #1

Is there some sort of plugin where I can see how the definition of the meta description.


Could you please be little more specific. Your question isn’t quite clear.

(Evgeny) #3

I watched: Static Pages Plugin (dl-static-pages)

When you create individual pages, these pages do not create these page meta: title and description.
I would like to see an example of where when you create individual pages using the plugin you can define these settings in the plugin.


Cool, so the question is about the “Static Pages Plugin”

Could you please post your question in this thread here - Static Pages Plugin

Doing so, there is a good chance that you will be receiving a response from the plugin author and even from others who have used the plugin.

(Evgeny) #5

This plugin is an example only. I have not installed it. I could not find a piece of this code, as it is done in any other plugin. If someone did this, I’d appreciate it if someone did it on the example of any other plugin.

(Evgeny) #6

For the plugin - title, found.

P.S. the question can be closed. How to add a description is found similarly.

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