Static pages plugin

(Hauleth) #1


Location: GitHub - hauleth/low_voltage

Authors: @hauleth

Simple plugin to add “static” pages to Discourse instance. For now usage is kind of complicated at it needs to fetch static pages from app/views/pages. Ideas for future implements:

  • Create DB model to hold pages
  • Adding admin page that will allow editing that pages
  • Custom styles for static pages

Any help appreciated.

Support Content on Discourse
Create a custom page
(Michael Downey) #2

Sounds interesting. What is the license?

(Hauleth) #3

Oh, I’ve forgot to add. MIT

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #4

Cool! Will be keeping a close eye on this.

Some related topics, for posterity:

(Mike Mayer) #5

were you able to get get this working? from your other post, it wasn’t clear if it is working

(Tom Ruh) #6

What would it take to get this plugin working and current?

(Daniela) #7

You should make a budget available and hire a developer interested in fixing the plugin in the #marketplace category, or simply use this one made by @joebuhlig

(Tom Ruh) #8

Those are all options. I am not aware of what a typical budget like that would be. This might be something I could learn and do myself If I had an understanding of what was needed.