Static Sign Up Landing Page

(adam) #1

Is it possible to create a static HTML page that has the Facebook, Twitter and Google login buttons. So once user clicks these buttons it will initiate signup with Facebook if facebook chosen. Then user is taken to popular page after sign up process complete.

I guess the only issue would be since it is a static dumb page it would not know to take the user to the page.

I want to hide my forum to draw people to find out whats behind the landing page. I think it would help with sign up rates.

can someone do this and how much would you charge, would it change the discourse script much?

(pctr) #2

I was thinking about the same idea. That would help integrate Discourse with the users defined on the main site. I guess it would not be difficult to implement.

(adam) #3

I think people would sign up as they would be curious to see whats behind the landing page. Even if they dont post they will receive update through the weekly digest which will bring them back as community grows.

(znation) #4

@qwefvsv, were you able to find a way to do this? I’m curious about trying something similar (login to Discourse from outside of Discourse).

(Sam Saffron) #5

See my blog, you can have a rails engine register whatever pages you want: GitHub - SamSaffron/blog: blog plugin for Discourse