Static URL with receiver username?

In the signup email and Bot welcome message I Want to add more line with URL.

This URL is similar in every message only the receiver username is different.


Anyone can give me the correct structure that will show linkable URL ?

If you want it to be in current user’s profile, /my/ works fine.


I want it to include user name
meta /u/itsbhanusharma/badges

as you can see your user name (itsbhanusharma) in the URL itself.

I just need to know what is the string to add ?

If you want a user to see his own badges with that link, you can craft the url as:

If you want of one particular user’s badges to be shown to everyone, hard code their username.

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Actually I want to show the receiver user name and asking him to share it with others.
So he will see the Badge page but when he shares it they will not see that page. correct ?

If they’re copying the link from your message then no, it won’t work as whoever enters that link in their browser will see their own badges but if they copy the browser url when they click your link, it should have changed to /u/username/badges