Status of a Topic for Feature Enhancements

One of our categories is for users of our application to submit ideas. Is there a way to indicate the status of a feature enhancement that can remain at the top of the topic (as a banner)? For example, if we’re working on an idea we could indicate that. If it’s launched, we could indicate that and link the topic to the release notes.

You could use staff notices, these allow you to add a custom message to any post

They’re under the admin menu on a post (the wrench icon here):

I’ve added an example of a staff notice to my post

One limitation is that staff notices don’t currently support links (but I think we should probably add them…)

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Thanks, @awesomerobot. This is a great option. Would only staff see these notices? I’d like for all users to see the status of the request so they don’t feel their requests are going into a “blackhole.”

All users will see notices manually added with that method

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Thank you. I created a Staff Notice and then added a reply to the thread to include the hyperlink to the release notes. Very helpful!

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You could also use tags to indicate the status of something.