Status of the "back button?"

(Leah Kramer) #1

Hi all. We host with and I can see that they have our sites at 1.8.11 at the moment. A user of ours just asked where the “Back Button” has gone. To be honest, I never really noticed the back button before. I see in the Discourse 1.8.* release notes that there’s a few references to the back button coming and going. Has this button just been yanked altogether because it’s too buggy?

(Michael - #2

The mentions of the “back button” in the 1.8 release notes, refer to the back button of your browser. I think your user might be confused.

BTW you’ll be at 1.9.x by Monday :slight_smile:

(Michael Howell) #3

Maybe the one in the scrollbar?

(Leah Kramer) #4

Hmm, Yeah, I don’t know. I asked for clarification and he said he uses it when searching the forums and that using the browser back button takes him too far back so he uses the built-in Discourse back button. I don’t seem see back buttons anywhere in Discourse at the moment.

Thanks @michaeld! Maybe the 1.9.x upgrade will help with this.

(cpradio) #5

That is likely the case (or at least could be), but that back button would only appear if there is a gap in the posts marked as read in the topic.

It is there to take you back to the gap so you can continue reading posts you may have missed.