Steam Login / Authentication Plugin


(Marcos P) #23

how to setting this?

(dave) #24

We considered using this excellent plugin to connect our gaming community directly to our steam accounts, but we had issues since our clan uses a tag in the format of [CLAN] username. When this creates an account in Discourse the brackets were converted to

 CLAN username 

Is there any way to control the conversion of usernames when folks sign up? For instance, a plugin-side option to strip our clan-name from any of our members who sign up? If so, we might love to add it! (Do you suppose members would need to re-signup or would there be a way to link an existing Discourse account to the steam authentication?)

(Marcos P) #25

how to setting this?

(Jonathan Feist) #27

@marcospreviato unless you’re using discourse with docker I’m afraid I can’t support you.

@Bluedevil If I’m not mistaken, users can edit their usernames during the account creation process. Are you absolutely sure that the username is being forcibly set? I’m not sure why I would help if you’re not going to use the plugin for such a minor issue.

@Maestra_Powers I’m not sure if this was addressed before but the Steam API does not permit access to a user’s email address. If this changes then it can be done. Otherwise the plugin has to revert back to discourse to associate an email address to the account.

(Repz) #28

HI everyone!

I’ve been using this plugin for my fresh Discourse install and worked like a charm but seems like the Steam login button disappeared since yesterday on my discourse install. Noway to login with a steam account.

The only modificaitons I’ve made are disabling local users login (which i re-enabled justin case) and enabling twitter login.

Here is a part of my app.yml file:

    - exec:
        cd: $home/plugins
          - git clone
          - git clone
          - git clone
          - git clone
          - git clone`

EDIT: Nvm, fixed it.
Seems like this plugin disable steam auth: GitHub - crob611/discourse-image-gallery: Image gallery plugin for Discourse

(Dylan Hunt) #29

Fyi, I think this plugin is abandoned and outdated. Registering works fine, but logging in seems to have a 502 redirect err.

EDIT: This only happens for those that have not yet confirmed their email. Hopefully they fix this - it intimidates most people and they have no idea what they did (or more likely, they think it’s us - when it’s just that they didn’t confirm their email).

(Jonathan Feist) #30

I certainly don’t have the time or energy to support this plugin for the foreseeable future, that’s one of the reasons it was consumed into the official discourse repository - it should have been fairly hands-off from me since then. It is not supposed to be me continuing to do maintenance on this plugin but I’m certainly available to pitch in on pull requests. I make no promise to look into this issue either I’m afraid. But thanks for raising this issue all the same and I hope there are some others who can help who see this.

(Dylan Hunt) #31

It’s not a problem mate – You gave an awesome plugin for free that surely worked back in the day! We understand you may not be able keep up solo, esp for free. However, you may want to update your GitHub’s README to reflect this known issue and that it’s no longer supported to let your users know before you retire this~

(Matt Palmer) #32

The plugin is as supported as it ever was: it’s best-effort community (or self) support. There’s no reason, in my mind, to “retire” this plugin; the problem doesn’t sound particularly dire, and anyone could fix it if they had the time or inclination. If you lack in that area yourself, throw something up on the #marketplace; I’ll bet a bit of money would give someone the inclination.

Alternately, we (CDCK) will fix bugs in plugins that are found and reported by our customers; that’s probably more expensive than a quick fix request in #marketplace, but it’d almost certainly get the most attention on your bug.

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #33

Yeah, this turned a little awry. We were preparing to maintain the plugin for a customer, but that customer pulled out and now the plugin is in bit of a maintenance limbo. If anyone could be :sparkles:Encouraged to work on this, let me know. (that includes you Jonathan)

(T1) #35

I used it in my gaming forum and it’s fantastic, worked out-of-the-box. Only wish it could grab and add more details and profile info like games and recently played. This does open up a lot of good ideas. Thank you for this.


Thanks @def - works pretty well (as expected).

Will it work over HTTPS/SSL (Let’s Encrypt)?

(Jonathan) #37

Yes it does

(Christoph) #38

So all this does is to fetch username and realname, then?
Not entirely useful, and not a login plugin in my opinion.

(Logan Mathews) #39

Considering it can fetch avatar, and you can link steamid to a custom field with a little bit of custom coding (very little), it definitely is a login plugin.

Heck, from a populated steamid one could populate groups based on steam groups or a tons of other things with minimal effort.

(Jonathan Feist) #40

As mentioned before, unless Steam shares an email address, it can’t access it and bind the user to that email address. There are plenty of other authentication plugins that use the same principle. Discourse accommodated this fact very early on. You’re free not to use the plugin though, if you think it doesn’t suit your needs. You just don’t have to install it.:roll_eyes:

(Dylan Hunt) #41

Yep, but it’s a Steam thing – they don’t hand out emails. What’s really useful is the ID to link to other things, but for some reason, this isn’t saved anywhere that I can see.

Right now, it’s a bit useless since it doesn’t even save the SteamID anywhere that I can see (and it’s also bugged – if you didn’t confirm your email yet and try to login via Steam, it’ll just show an error page instead of a warning to confirm your email first). However, it has tons of potential. For example, we use PlayFab (BaaS). If we can save their steamId, they’ll have access to our other services, linking directly to our game.

So right now, it’s … not useful. However, if someone were to spruce it up, there’s a lot that can be done with it.

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #42

This plugin would become far more generally applicable if we ever get around to supporting multiple OAuth providers.

Steam authentication wouldn’t even have to be available upon login. It should be something you’d be encouraged to do later. Say, 1 week after registration, if you still haven’t connected with steam, @discobot could remind you that this is a possibility.

EDIT: We support multiple auth providers now:

(Dylan Hunt) #44

Smart. And … off topic O__O ooo what is discobot? Does this come stock?

(Morell) #45

Is it possible to add Steam’s profile in the profile so that others can view or edit it from the profile options?