Steam Store onebox plugin

(Robin Ward) #21

Yes, I’ve just updated onebox in master. It’ll be in our next beta.

(Repz) #22

guess it’s now implemanted into discourse official repo but seems like it’s “half” working:

Sometimes it works, sometimes not and sometimes half.

(Sam) #23

I think you’re looking for the Steam Profile Onebox.

(Repz) #24

I guess that’s where i replied :stuck_out_tongue:

and the last comment says that steam-onebox is now integrated in discourse.

Triied with and without steam-onebox, same result. onebox loads on post, then load randomly as seen in previous screenshot :confused:

EDIT: Wrong topix, sorry :x

(fearlessfrog) #25

Valve have changed their Steam Store URL patterns a little. I’ve fixed the version on our forums up and have submitted a Onebox gem PR here:

(Cafeine) #26

It’s broken again on my site… Do you have some trouble too? Tried 3 browsers, without adblocks and it seems broken. Pic is not displaying in the onebox preview… Testing here too…

Yep, I get : Error

Unable to load information about this item.

And my users too. :frowning: It’s sales season, I hope it’s easy to fix. :smiley: (thanks!)

(Jeff Atwood) #27

Let’s see

Looks OK to me? I think you have some bum links there.

(fearlessfrog) #28

Certain Steam store appId’s Valve will occasionally disable from showing in a widget. From the id it looks like you’re trying to show Fortified? As in, Fortified on Steam? That’s a ‘free to play’ limited offer, so Valve don’t allow those to be shown via the widget. Probably because it has no price as an instant ‘Install Game’.

As with most things Valve, the best thing to do when trying to rationalize their decisions is to stoically stare into space and try not to stress about it.

(Régis Hanol) #29

Is there any we can do to know if a page has the widget disabled? (I guess we can try to load the widget and look for the error message)

(fearlessfrog) #30

Not by HTTP status, as it just 304 redirects. The placeholder_html call could look for an ‘Error’ word or something when initially oneboxing the preview, but that’s not ideal either - the widget might work/not work tomorrow as the conditions change for that title/appId in the store. If you do something when it’s cooked then you’re just making two calls (and there are usually a lot of these displayed in ‘game deal’ topics), and would then just need to show an error anyway.

(Jeff Atwood) #31

stoically stares into space and tries not to stress about it

(Cafeine) #32

Welp, it’s back to normal. Thanks Valve, always a pleasure working with your tools. :roll_eyes: (and btw, thanks again Discourse team. Best decision ever: migrate our forum to this product. :heart_decoration: )