Steps to integrate Discourse to postgres running in AWS (for a non-dev)

(non-techie) #1

I’m a non-techie trying to work on a small forum. Among all I liked Discourse the most due to it’s next-gen style and features. Here are steps I took to install and run the app:

  1. I’m running Discourse via Bitnami Cloud with host server on AWS.
  2. I’ve a postgres server running on AWS as well

So far, my app is running well and I can configure it from admin panel. However, I’m unable to connect the app to my database. I tried updating app.rb and database.yml file but it didn’t work.

I was wondering if there are some simple steps available to integrate it without needing help from a developer?


(Jeff Atwood) #2

Unfortunately we can only support the official Docker install method here: