Stick to the bottom banner - Independent ad option?

Hello everyone, I did search first

I see the ad options


and would like to use them like designed


But I need to keep it forum related (firearms) and have retailers ready take ad space

Is there a method to hang a banner of my own design between posts, categories etc?



Are you using a particular ad provider or are you simply hand-crafting your own ads?

If the former, you should look at how new ad-providers such as CodeFund added an integration for their platform. If the latter, you might be better off making theme components for your custom ads.


Fantastic , I can likely use the footer for starters I would guess :thinking:

Yes, hand crafted

Perhaps then figure out how to put some between categories or something more attractive

Thank you for the tips :sunglasses:

You could also use Google Ad Manager, previously Double Click.

It’s supported by the plugin and lets you manage your campaigns as you like.


I sincerely thank you for your help,

unfortunately their policy on our content is prohibitive,

again, I am grateful for your help.


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I did a test footer ad today, desktop only,

hoping to get advice on if this is practical for mobil users?

Have my doubts/concerns

Thanks to anyone who can advise.


It will be if you design your theme-component to be responsive and mobile-friendly.

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Any tips on what that means :grimacing:

I’m just working in the confines of the CSS/Header/Footer spaces now,

I seem to have the desktop footer IMG resize well right up till I used the same code for mobile, someone posted a screenshot and I found I was incorrect

what I used for desktop

Feedback on ads is good and I want to use this Discourse software to beat the other popular software forums (competitors), any direction/help from Discourse only serves to self promote,

I thought Discourse was by design " responsive and mobile-friendly" and I’m still a super noob here

dashboard settings don’t show anything I think I missed


ads do help create a busy look but as I said our content is prohibitive of using the plug and play features so I have to learn this on top of 40hr job/life and babysitting adults on the forum, not complaining just really could use direction

Thank you!!

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Yes, everything already built into Discourse is mobile-friendly where it needs to be, but we can’t do much to make additional user customisations mobile friendly. That just comes down to following recommended practice for HTML and CSS. If you don’t have anyone in your community who could help you for free you might wanna put up a paid task in our #marketplace.


Thank you for the tip, we’re hosted on a business account and I’m working to recoup costs, I don’t have the authority (checkbook) to solicit additional expenses :no_mouth:

I’ll keep searching for those mobile tips, without a mobile phone its a bit of an issue, my browser supports mobile views, but its not the same :confused::pensive:

Hello Community!

I am still working on ad placement and am stumped on getting

After Header and Footer to have the same amount of background color

getting the footer to be equal to after header would be preferable but I seem to be missing the secret sauce

any help is greatly appreciated!


I’d like to thank everyone for their help,

If anyone can I do need help with sticking the footer to the bottom now.

Thank you


Thread can be closed, getting details wrapped up, practice stuff is going well

This community is phenomenal!!!