Still no way to git pull docker as part of an upgrade?

(Lee_Ars) #1

For the past several months I’ve been ignoring the built-in upgrade interface and just doing a git pull and launcher rebuild app every couple of weeks for Discourse. That way, the changes you guys are making to the templates and docker stuff gets pulled down along with the actual discourse code.

I recall @sam saying in the past that there’d eventually be a workaround for this—has one landed yet, or is a git pull from the shell still the only way to keep the docker config up to date?

(Kane York) #2

Well, ./launcher rebuild app now git pulls automatically at the start, but you still need to rebuild for container definition updates.

However, there aren’t exactly weekly container definition updates.

(Sam Saffron) #3

There are 2 particular issues here

  1. Docker manager has no understanding that discourse docker is out of date
  2. ./launcher does not re-exec itself, so you are forced to do a git pull before rebuild

I want to sort out #1 by including the Git Hash of discourse_docker inside the container so, at least, you can tell you need a rebuild

I want to sort out #2 by re-execing self after git pull, but it only sorts the problem going forward ( @supermathie can you help here ? )