Strange Backup Status - Suddenly went from 2 Gig to 20 MB

(Bcguy) #1

Just looked at my backup status - I have it set to do only a single backup to save on space - and its suddenly gone from about 2 GIg down to 20 MB.

WHats going on and Why? Seems like I’m highly exposed suddenly…

(Mittineague) #2

No images in the backup?

(Bcguy) #3

I haven’t changed anything - I just check occasionally how much space I have because when it gets below about 200MB I start to see issues in terms performance and crashes.

(Bcguy) #4

Guys - ok, I’ve let changed my backup schedule back down to 2 days, and multiple backups allowed at a time, but my total backup space MB used is still just 20 MB.

Did you guys change the backup approach dramatically with the most recent software version?

Are you now not including images?

Any other explanation?

I’m just concerned that I’m not getting backups right now.

Any feedback greatly appreciated

(Joe Seyfried) #5

Uhm… your free space is less than your uploads size… Did you change anything on the host that reduces your free space? Anything in the logs?

(Bcguy) #6

No - I didn’t change anything that I can think of. Just updated software. Anyone else seeing this since upgrading to release 1.5?

(Michael - #7

What I guess has happened is this:

Your uploads slowly grew bigger over time and there was probably some space taken away by the new version of Discourse as well.

At one point the space left on your disk was smaller than the size taken by your uploads.
From that moment on, the uploads did not fit in your backup anymore and they were skipped.

Apparently there is no error message in that case…

(Dean Taylor) #8

I think the following is a relevant bug - for when you run out of space:

(Bcguy) #9

@sam I just wanted to check on this with you. Did you diddle with the server at all to stop if from filling up the HD space? (e.g. turn off image backups?).

Just need to know if I’m actually getting any backups on my system right now. Concerned I could be exposed to lose 300,000 messages we’ve built up over the past year.


(Sam Saffron) #10

I did no diddling…