Strange behaviour in the user registration process


I have observed what I consider a strange behaviour in the registration process of a new user. I’m sharing the case here so you can help me understand what happened and confirm if the system is working as intended.

Let me provide you with a bit of background first:

  • We require authentication to read the content of the site since we are currently setting it up.
  • We allow new user registrations so we are able to test the account creation process.
  • We require staff approval for all new user accounts.

Since we are still preparing the site, seeing a user that I didn’t know in the users list surprised me so I decided to investigate.

Its username is Pamela_Peppermint. This user signed up using Facebook Login (we recently added it). The associated email was a suspicious Gmail address. At first, I thought the user could be a spammer. However, I realized that it could be a Facebook employee checking our site using a dummy account since the user connected from a Facebook Corp address:

Screen Shot on 2020-02-28 at 10-19-00.png

Now it’s when things get strange.

I see in the admin area that I just approved the user.

Since I didn’t recall doing it, I went to the Review queue to check when I approved that account. Given that we require staff approval for new accounts, all of them should end up in the Review queue. However, this user somehow bypassed it.

I turned to the logs to try to understand what happened, but I got even more confused. It seems that I had already approved the user a couple of weeks before (which AFAIK, I didn’t):

Screen Shot on 2020-02-28 at 10-33-57.png

Hence, I have the following questions:

  • Why this user doesn’t show up in the Review queue despite staff approval is required?
  • Is it possible that a user can get approved twice?

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Lot of weird stuff for sure, and I’ve had similar :thinking: “duh” instances that usually get tracked down and end up being “dooh” :flushed: especially when I ask support to check it out and it was me

In this case, did the user ever change their name perhaps causing some of the confusion?


It might be the case here as well! In any case, it would be great if someone could provide me with answers to the questions posed:

The user didn’t.

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