Strange caching when loaded as pinned tab in Firefox

(Barry van Oudtshoorn) #1

I keep my Discourse instance pinned in Firefox. I’ve noticed that when I load up the browser at the start of each day, the content I see in Discourse – the actual topics, their read/new status, the count of unread, and the notification indicator – is a few days out of date. If I do a full reload (F5), then everything’s sorted. If I just click the header logo, then the “Latest” and topics come right, but the notification counter and the unread counter remain stuck until I explicitly click on them.

I don’t think any of the plugins I have installed are involved, but just in case, I have:

  • Cakeday (0.0.4)
  • Data explorer (0.2)
  • Details (0.4)
  • Feature voting (0.2)
  • nginx perfromance report (0.1)
  • Solved (0.1)
  • Docker manager (0.1)
  • lazyYT (1.0.1)
  • Poll (0.9)

I’m running Firefox Developer Edition.

Is this a known behaviour? Has anyone else encountered it?


Yes, I saw that behaviour sometimes but in Safari on iOS 9! I have my Discourse instance always open on /latest.

Haven’t made out when exactly it was happening. I think it is related to memory management as it seems to happen when I used other apps and then return to Safari, which triggers some kind of “reload” but it is not really loading the latest list, just an old version from the cache (not the last I saw).

And now with iOS 10 it’s always that way… no more automagic updates of the latest list after I reopen Safari. :frowning: