Strange Field Visible During Compose

I noticed that with the latest version of Discourse when I reply to an existing topic there is a strange blank field which appears above the compose area without any text as shown in the screenshot below. Is this a known issue? I’m viewing the forums on my Moto G5 Plus with Chrome 80.0.3987.87 and Android 8.1.0.


It looks like there’s 3 boxes there. The first with part of the URL - cut off on the right; the second, black white space (box) which is cutting off the right side of the 1st box and most of the shorter outlined box on the right as well as cutting off the bottom of the text above it.


@supermathie are you seeing the same thing on your Android? In this topic Solution to creating redirects page! ?

@rhrmn I assume you are using our default light theme?


Looks fine to me, but the blank field is probably the :wrench: & progress bar:


Yes. The light theme. This is what it looks like with Dark Theme. The blank field is separate from the topic post count because the topic post count field has a thin blue outline.

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No repro on android so far (tried on various, samsung and motorola devices on chrome):

@Falco can you give this a try please ?

Also if you are confortable with this, you could try to setup YouTube which is quite easy and inspect this weird element. I you could screenshot this element in the DOM inspector that would give us few hints.

Last question, do you repro this on any topic ?


I am searched through every element under reply control in devtools and it is not highlighting the blank field.

I am able to reproduce this issue in any topic.

When I type a reply the blank field appears and disappears at what seems like random times.

A factory reset of my phone doesn’t appear to have made any difference.

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We have a confirmed repro of the issue, we will investigate a fix.

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