Strange issue where Reply botton won't work

I am using Discourse on a few sites. It works fine on my Windows PC. But when I try to Reply on my new Dell XPS with ubuntu laptop, the Reply button will not register. I of course can go to a Windows PC to Reply, but it is not optimum.

In the attached image, both the blue Reply button and also the Reply in the upper right hand corner will not work. Also +New Topic will not work. What am I missing?

Well you’ve missed telling us which browser you’re using under Ubuntu for starters.

Chrome 72.0.3626.96 . Seems like i need to say more…

Wait, does this happen here on as well?

Can you try safe mode on your site and see if it stops it from happening? How to use Discourse Safe Mode


Yes, it happens on your site too. None of these sites are mine. I am using ubuntu 18 on my laptop. Are you not able to recreate on ubuntu?

No repro here… I would try running chrome with no plugins, and possibly try to see if it happens in incognito to start fresh.


Try in a different browser with default settings. If the problem persists, either software on your machine, or routers on your network, are interfering with web traffic in some way.


Seems that Incognito on the Ubuntu PC works fine (I am typing in it right now). What’s that mean?

That it’s either a browser extension, setting, or something in your Chrome profile. It’s not a Discourse issue.

If you use the same Chrome profile synced via Google between Windows and Ubuntu with no sideloaded extensions, I would blow the profile away and start over. If you don’t and there are different extensions between both then I would start disabling them to see which could be the culprit.