Strategy of administrative messages and some translation stuff

(Helmi) #1


i put this in the UX category as i think it fits best here: I’ve got two problems with the actual S3 deprecation warning message (aside from the fact that i’m sad about S3 beeing not supported anymore)

  1. Why is this message visible to the public? Isn’t that an admin message that no other user should see? On my forum even guests can see it.

  2. What i see is “[de.s3_deprecation_warning]” - i’m using the german language file on my forums but i wonder why untranslated strings just don’t fallback to english instead of showing the variable name.

Is there any special reason you’re going for these directions? I think both could be solved better.


(Jeff Atwood) #2

I agree we could fix these, but the better fix is to get people moved off S3 – since that will disable the banner, and indeed that is the point of the banner…

Let @zogstrip know how we can help you move off S3.

(Helmi) #3

Actually my problem moving off S3 isn’t a big one - i’m just sad loosing this comfort of having images/attachments independet from the VM running the forums - but anyway this isn’t a big problem.

This thread really was mainly about the ux impact of the message and the fact that is shows the variable name instead of the default languages text.

(Kane York) #4

It was initially only on the /admin dashboard, but it graduated to a publicly-visible banner to get everyone who hadn’t already noticed off.