Strong tags in post via email

Hi all,

I’m not completely sure, that this is an actual bug nor what data (like extensions) I’m supposed to post, but I’ll try anyway:

There is one user in our installation whose emails receive strong HTML tags instead of them being removed or converted:

HTML source code of his email:

The post that is generated from it:

I meanwhile found the pre tag which explains why there is a “box” around his message. But why are the strong tags present instead of making the text bold? Just because strong is kind of deprecated?

Kind regards and thanks for reading

It looks like the text is wrapped with ```, which will turn everything into preformatted text. This will show the text exactly how it’s typed, ignoring HTML tags within.

For example, typing this into a post:

<strong>strong text</strong>

will output this:

<strong>strong text</strong>

but if you remove the surrounding ```, the result is:

strong text

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But why does it then remove the span tags from the email, which are also included in the pre tags?