Struggling to remove automated post quality control

(Carlton J. Spitbottom) #1

I have read and looked, i’ve twiddled values… but I still can’t get the software to stop censoring my users and even MY posts as Administrator. What’s up with that? I run a private Discourse instance and we know how to moderate our community (thank you very much)

How can I turn off all the entropy settings so this software stops telling me and my users what they can and cannot post . It’s coming across very pedantic, asinine, and it’s starting to piss everyone off because I can’t justify it in any way to them … makes me wish i did a little more homework before we went live but man is the software great otherwise. Without this forced-content-nanny
code, the software is absolutely wonderful, so I’m hoping I’m just missing something.

I apologize if this is possible in the software but I am just unable to locate how, I don’t mean to disparage, I can see how some boards would welcome such automation but why on earth are these things enforced unilaterally ?

Thanks very much!!

(cpradio) #2

So which errors/edits are you running into? I see a long rant, but nothing telling me specifically what errors you are running into when posting… so it makes it difficult to point you to the appropriate site settings to tweak/disable them.

Though I’d encourage you to go to the Admin > Settings > Posting area and read through those settings.

(Carlton J. Spitbottom) #3

Ok I’m sorry -

The one I just ran in to was the Title Entropy wall; “invalid title, try to be a little more descriptive, you stupid ape” or something similar. :smiley:

I took a look, tried setting max title len to 0, 1
also pushed the duplicate title check to 255 (much longer than the test string i am using, which is not short nor repetitive)

I am also seeing this with forum body posts, but don’t have a test case right in front of me. I touched some settings for this a couple months back and the complaints subsided, but I guess it still happens on some very short body posts, a lot of people just like to post back “+1” sometimes, and the software won’t allow that

(Carlton J. Spitbottom) #4

My subject bar in my test case was in all-caps because it’s a rather exciting announcement but I guess that was triggering the censor, when I post in mixed case it allows the post. Searching the support forums it appears this is a hard coded and intentional design? There are many posts about it, most seem to be deflected as WAD.

I also get a lot of requests to suppress the pop-up context nanny that reminds you that “you’ve posted a lot in this thread, maybe let someone else talk - you stupid ape” ; is there a way to get rid of those notifications? Maybe i should start a new thread for that after I do a little more searching.

(cpradio) #5

You probably want to alter the title and body min entrophy to a lower limit.

You can also alter the min post length to 2 if you want to support +1, but I’d highly recommend teaching them to use likes or install the Retort plugin.

(Carlton J. Spitbottom) #6

Yeah most people use likes but it was an easy way to explain the behavior i was talking about, and yes it looks like I did fix that a while back by dropping the min post length to 1 and the body check is now also increased to 255 also. This will work I think.

I think the main problems I have left is the contextor notifications (and all caps titles) - the like topics showing up when someone is constructing their title are nice, however the content governorship is most unwelcome. At the end of the day this is an annoyance that just jumps in the face of my users that they can swat away, but overall it does detract from their experience.

EDIT; Thank you @cpradio !!

I’m def. going to add the Retort plugin - that’s a nice feature I miss from Slack , glad someone added it. Cheers!

(cpradio) #7

The settings for all cap titles is allow uppercase posts

You may also want to disable title prettify

(Carlton J. Spitbottom) #8

Ah! I had prettify disabled already, but didn’t realize uppercase posts was a preference. So many preferences to learn.

Thanks again!!

(Jeff Wong) #9

You’re hitting an issue with the built in all caps restriction, and there is a setting for this now. You should be able to post all uppercase posts by enabling the setting in posts->allow uppercase posts. See my post and subsequent PR here:

The threshold for these are found in “other->sequential replies threshold” and “other->dominating topic minimum percent”. Set these to 100 to squelch the error to pretty much never happen.

If the verbiage is too strong, as well, you are now able to customize ALL text in discourse under customize->text content.

For instance, education.dominating_topic is the dominating topic text. Many of the other popups are under education.*.

(Travis) #10

During the early days of my community, I sometimes felt like you. The content guidelines (I would not call it “censorship”) were a bit of a blocker. People were getting frustrated because they’re used to other forums.

However, I will say that as your community grows, having these guidelines in place and enforced by the software is a huge help. When there are a ton of posts per day, you don’t want your forum looking like garbage. When new users join, they see the structured content already there so they are more inclined to follow suit.

(Carlton J. Spitbottom) #11

I appreciate the feedback. With these changes I think I’m in a really good place, Thanks to all who responded - the discourse community is pretty kick-butt!

(Carlton J. Spitbottom) #12

Coming back to talk about the “min post length” still requiring a value of 1 or higher. We have a “Great Quotes” thread in most communities and it’s a little ridiculous to see folks posting “.” or “why do i need to say something to quote someone?” when they quote in these threads. I would like to request an option to disable this restriction when a quote exists in a post. I think that is a reasonable request but I’d like to hear counter-arguments

it’s worth noting that I run private communities, not public ones. Also consider that people may have very different opinions on what a forum “looking like garbage” is, @Vocino, and may have different levels of engagement and policy with communities that make such automation more of a hindrance than a benefit. I suspect this is a contributing factor to many of these quality control settings having new options to neuter them after they were enforced and put in to production.

Thank very much again to all who replied / will reply. Cheers!