Sub-categories and Embedding in to Wordpress posts

(Dice) #1


I don’t use Discourse as yet and I’m trying to figure out if
it will work with my community. One issue I’m confused about is does Discourse
support sub-categories or not?

Assuming it does support sub-categories can I embed a
particular sub-category in the post it relates to?

My community is based around a type of UK investment fund or
mutual fund with each individual fund having its own sub-category (all with the
same parent) where anyone invested in it or who has an interest in it can
discuss it. This is why sub-categories are very important to me.

PS. Why is there no spell checker here, does Discourse not
support it?


(Jeff Atwood) #2

Subcategories are supported.

Spell check depends on your local browser, not us. I remember a very old report of spell check not working on Linux Firefox for some users.

(Dice) #3

Sorry I’ve replied as a Linked-topic in error. I thought I was simply replying.

Thanks for your response. I was really unclear especially on the
category questions. I’ll have a wee play around with the software now.

I’m on the latest Firefox. It’s a recent install and your response has prompted me to install a Dictionary add-on.
So I guess what you’re saying is there is a spell checker but it doesnt work with all browsers.

Thanks again