Sub-categories not displayed correctly

(Joel Lamotte) #1

I just upgraded to and searching for some fixes for an upgrade problem here I realized that the sub-category feature is finally there. However just trying it broke things, nothing hard I guess.
Here is the forum: (it’s not really used yet, other than by me, so I can try things)
I’m using Chrome.

There is actually two issues:

  1. I edited a “AOS Designer - DEV” tag to rename it “DEV” (will rename it later) and make it a sub-category of “AOS Designer”. Once done I tried to do the same with “AOS Designer - BUG” => “BUG” but the edition window displayed only 2 parent categories, and no “AOS Designer” was there. Reloading the page (ctrl+R) fixed the issue, so I think it’s just that the window data are invalid after a first category edition.

  2. On the main page (which is “Latest” for me, as for Meta) I can see the subcategories, but I don’t know which parent catategory is related. Basically, I see discussions with “DEV” but not “[AOS Designer][DEV]” or “AOS Designer > DEV” or something like that. Same problem when reading a discussion: I see the subcategory name but not the parent category.

Why do I assume that parent category should be displayed?
Because what I want is to have general discussions about one of the sub projects of my project, with development discussions and bugs being a sub-categories.
I could also want to have “general”, “bug” and “dev.” parent categories and have specific projects names as sub categories.

However if the parent category is not displayed, the purpose of subcategories loose all utility.

Am I correct that this is a bug?

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Not a bug, has not been implemented yet… this should be moved to a different topic where we were already discussing how to do this. UI discussion.

(Jeff Atwood) #3