Sub-category more permissive than parent category problem

(Khoa Nguyen) #1

Here is an example with this bug:

  • We have a default Staff Category (with staff can Create/Reply/See Permission)
  • Create a sub-category under default Staff Category with everyone can Create/Reply/See Permission.

When a non-staff user see the topic list on the homepage, he/she can see the topic title but not the Category name

Here is what staff can see

When non-staff user click on that topic name:

  • Site logo disappears
  • Banner topic shows (I dismissed that banner)
  • No thing else on that page
    Press F5, a blank page show

Permissions for subcategories
Topics are public in categories with restricted access
Child category seems to inherit part of the permissions in the parent category
Sub-category with read/write access not visible to a group member
(Jeff Atwood) #2

We don’t support creating subcategories with more open permissions than the parent category at this time.

E.g. private category “staff” with a subcategory “everyone can read this” will cause problems.

Permissions for subcategories