Subcategory Boxes - Increase boxes per row


Currently, when you have subcategory list style as “boxes”, it creates 4 boxes per row (and spreads them out evenly).

Is there CSS code that will allow us to change the number of boxes per row, for example to 5 or 3?


Those boxes have widths and margins set as percentages, so it should be pretty easy. For example, for 5 items per row on your category named Syllabus Material:

.categories-list.category-syllabus-material {
    .category-boxes .category-box {
        width: 18%;
        margin: 0 1% 1.5em 1%;

Considering each box has a left/right margin of 1%:

5 boxes per row
Width of the boxes: 18%

3 boxes per row
Width of the boxes: 31.33%