Subfolder and cascading proxies: javascript ressource is loaded from /assets/ instead of /subfolder/assets/

(Thomas Abraham) #1

In a subfolder setup with cascading proxy servers in front of it I have seen that a javascript ressource is loaded from the root folder instead of the subfolder.

Affected page: admin/customize/css_html
Wrong ressource: /assets/_vendor-*.js
Impact: The customize editor is not loaded. I cannot adjust css and html.

It is very difficult to debug from where the ressource is loaded. Haven’t found it, yet, in the developer extension of my browser or in any source.

The recent ressource I have seen misconfigured this way, was:
It is getting logged on a server responsible for the root folder. That server is completely different from the server responsible for the Discourse subfolder.

CSS/HTML Customisation editor not working behind proxy