Subscriptia - Simple paid memberships

The goal when we created was to create an easy to use plugin with simple setup that does paid memberships really well.


  • monthly, yearly or one-time payments
  • unlimited membership levels
  • automatic user management, subscription and payment processing
  • no coding required, nothing to install, minimal setup

Features in the pipeline:

  • add translation support
  • allow custom currencies

Questions or feedback? Please let us know!


Hey, this looks interesting! The website for it is pretty sparse though, no way to really tell what it looks like when implemented. Sounds like this is a standalone thing i.e. runs entirely within Discourse rather than meant for integrating with a separate site, correct?

I’d suggest fleshing it out with more detail on how it works, show some screenshots / examples, info about the company, etc.


Not available in India

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How does this compare with Discourse League, which I believe is free?


No one else it appears is doing crypto gateways for these - there’s plenty of crypto enthusiast communities out there that could make use of that, ours included. As mentioned already, site is too sparse on information and could just be me but the font takes effort to read, specifically here:

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Thank you for your feedback! You make a very valid point, so I’ve now added a simple demo as well as a bit more thorough FAQ-section.

Subscriptia is available where Stripe is available for now.

I’ve never used Discourse League so take my response with a grain on salt. The approach to the problem is somewhat different - Subscriptia focuses on ease of use and requires no installation, where as Discourse League does. And as far as I can tell, Discourse League is not free.

For now we are using Stripe and don’t support crypto currencies. I’ll add this request to our backlog and we will consider adding it down the road. I’m a big fan of crypto, but I can’t make any promises whether or not this will be implemented.


Hi @subscriptia,

Thanks. According to @joebuhlig’s update (and my experience), the License requirement has been removed, so the Discourse League plugin is free:

I appreciate you adding to the community with your product. The ease of use of Subscriptia would have to be very high for me to justify the 7.5% of revenue that it asks for given there is a free, effective, and easy to use alternative.

The fact that Subscriptia is plugin-free should not be glanced over. It (I assume) use the stable Discourse Groups APIs so it will never break your site during a rebuild.


That’s a good point. At the same time, it appears you do have to send your users to another domain to subscribe (?), instead of having it all within your own community context.

Overall, I think Discourse is stronger for having Subscriptia as an option.

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Interesting, thank you for sharing.

I wonder how well paid subscription in general works?

In the same way it’s easy just to print another alt-coin, what stops your community moving somewhere free? What incentive is there for an individual to stay and pay? The threat from FB groups or Reddit is surely very real, even with a free to join community?

I guess you can offer users premium features in return for payment… but can someone give me a promising suggestion? You don’t want to disincentivise people to post and contribute, so asking people to pay to post is not going to work …

The ease of setup and being plugin free is, in my opinion, one of the key differentiators. It’s especially important for those who aren’t comfortable or able to install plugins.

Yes, Subscriptia is not free, but you get everything managed for you and being a paid product users can rest assured they will continue to receive updates and support down the road.


While I hope you guys can carve out your own space in the market, I do wonder if the plugin-free nature will be enough.

Particularly when compared to the likes of Patreon, which has an official plugin and only takes 5% of the subscription fee and passes the card charge to the customer, rather than the creator/site. Assuming fees are around 2% that’s almost half as much lost to the service. Aside from being quite well-established they also reach into a ton of different services.

Does Subscriptia have plans to extend their membership and signin to other services? How are you going to make yourselves more competitive?

The plugin first gave me a 500 error when trying to login, because it doesn’t automatically add the sso provider secrets setting. Add this with as the domain, copy the SSO secret from the sso secret field above, and you should be good to go.


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