Subscription Membership Payment Integration

(Vikrant Ramteke) #1

Hello, I am setting up a forum for user experience designers ( and want to integrate membership. Here is what my requirements are:

  1. Members should be able to sign up and read content on the website.
  2. To post content users need to buy a monthly subscription.

Has anyone done it? I am looking at using and PayPal subscriptions but I am not sure they fulfill the requirements above.
Any guidance is very much appreciated.


(James Kiesel) #2

I think Discourse League is the first plugin to look at for this.

(Jeff Atwood) #3

You should also look at our official Patreon plugin.


This is an interesting monetisation model … I was also mulling over this concept before but have yet to implement it. The risk I see is people will go find a competitor, eg. an FB forum, instead where they can post for free … are you concerned about that? It is also an impediment to onboarding active users which might impact growth … you are essentially penalising people for creating content? So what’s the incentive for them to create content for you?

I wonder if anyone has made success of this model before with Discourse?