Subscription Module Integration

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I am to integrate paid subscription module for my forum, users should be able to access it seamingly but to add new topic pro subscription should be required.
I am looking for suggestions, as well as someone who could do this.

Thank You

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Sorry for the typo error Module or feature

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There is a Paid Subscriptions Plugin in Discourse.
Also, Patreon Integration Plugin.

Both can serve the Purpose depending upon how You are looking to implement.

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Can you please name the plugin, if possibly its features also other than Patreon?
Is there any link where I can see both the plugins, integrated in some website/forum?

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Here is Memberful Plugin:


Well, I’m not really sure if it is okay to post links to other’s websites on the forum. We have integrated patreon on our forum and it works just fine for us.

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Do I need some developer to integrate those plugins, or are doable by self , having limited knowledge of coding!

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If You have installed discourse yourself, Installing plugin is not that difficult. if you want someone to install for you, try posting in the #marketplace category.

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There are several ways to accomplish this, s already mentioned. If you would like to pay for help deciding which is best for you and setting it up, that’s what I do. See my profile here for contact information.

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I am to know will it be possible to move all the data from discourse forum to another custom made website built from scratch, so basically switching from discourse forum to self made custom website?

Thank you

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I specialize in migrating from other forms to discourse,but if you wanted to get data out of discourse to some other site one could do so using the API or direct access to the database.

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Thank you for your response.


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You’re welcome, but generally a ‘like’ is thanks enough.

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Not worth the hassle! … Forum softwares are built fundamentally to organize whole data in a specific manner. You may be building some other forum system if You are thinking of migrating away from discourse!

However, Discourse content can be embedded to Your website using the Javascript embeds.