Suggestion: add a toggle to hide/show whispers

(Tobias Eigen) #1

Our moderator team uses whispers alot. It’s been a huge help to have these conversations inline about helping members to set up their profiles and brainstorm ways to encourage discussion about the topics. But later when moderators look back over the discussions the whispers are a distraction. They also prevent us from seeing topics as our members see them. We don’t want to lose them altogether… they contain useful historical information.

A toggle to allow moderators to hide/show whispers would be a big help. I’m not sure how this would look but will just drop this here as a placeholder. Perhaps there could simply be a notice across the top visible only to moderators indicating " eyeslash This topic contains moderator whispers only visible to moderators. Click to show/hide". This might also help remind new moderators about how the feature works. I often find myself explaining it to folks.