Suggestion: add checkmark for solved topics to the topic title as well

(Dan Dascalescu) #1

If someone lands on the top post of a topic from a web search…

…they might not easily realize that the topic is solved. Replicating in the topic title the checkmark from the category list would help.

(Matt Palmer) #2

I think this is a solid idea. I’m wondering if there’s a non-sucky way of indicating in the Google search results that the topic includes an answer, too. Sticking [SOLVED] on the topic title isn’t great, IMO, but I must say I do notice it in search results and tend to prefer them because

this sucks

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #3

I doubt it. Not even with StackExchange do you see this type of thing. I’m pretty sure if it was possible, they’d be doing it. I’d love it if someone proved me wrong though, as this would indeed be a very handy feature. Google’s Rich Snippets seems like the place to start digging.

(Jeff Atwood) #4

Google probably honors the accepted answer for SO results.

I agree we can include the glyph in the title and header @sam on the page itself, we do that for lock, unlisted, etc don’t we?

(Dan Dascalescu) #5

Right, the closed lock glyph is present in the topic title - example.

(Jeff Atwood) #6

Might get rather noisy if a topic is closed and solved, though. Maybe in that case just show closed.

(Mittineague) #7

It would be similar to the current Closed and Pinned

(Jeff Atwood) #8

We should consider this as well to enhance Solved.

(Michael Howell) #9

Opened a pull request to solve this issue. Right now, it adds [✔] to the HTML title as shown on Google and in the browser tabs. It does not modify the top bar, or the topic list, since the goal here is SEO. Which should it add, though?

  • [✔]
  • [SOLVED]
  • something else

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Note that HTML title tags are restricted to text (which includes emoji). So we can’t use the same fontawesome glyph for this as on the page, though it’s pretty well approximated.

(Sam Saffron) #10

I think the correct approach here is:

  1. Introduce QAPage - which is the best anyway. If it fits nicely for solved.

  2. Any mucking with title should be optional default off

Stack Overflow do not do “title” munging, Quora do not do title munging, it makes little sense for us to add such a radically different default.

(Michael Howell) #11

It’s been shipped.

@staff please removed #planned tag?

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #12

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