Suggestion: Should we change Messages To Chat?

(xiasummer) #1

Only a suggestion.

I rechecked the messages function. I found it much like a build-in email function. **It separate message categories as inbox and outbox(or sent) ** while comparing to the phone text or other instant chat applications, they don’t separate such categories, but mix them up only showing who is in this chat——No matter who send or receive. This is called chat .

Should we upgrade this function?

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(Mittineague) #2

Sorry, but I’m not sure what you’re asking.

That “messages” be renamed “chat”?

For me that would be less appropriate because I think of messages as non-public topics that can have lasting value and chat as ephemeral.

But if you wanted to rename it on your forum I don’t see why you couldn’t.

I haven’t used a chat plugin so I don’t know what features are there or possible. You’re asking that chats be permanent and have a UI similar to what exists for messages?

(xiasummer) #3

nono, I mean the message is like a email, too complicate. why not make it a chat app. no need to separate inbox and outbox.


Are you suggesting that messages and chat share the same interface? That would make sense to me, it’s all messages. I certainly agree with @Mittineague that messages can be used to start a conversation and prepare a topic for later view with more people.

(Mittineague) #5

So, similar to a members “activity” page, messages would start with “all” unless filtered?

If I’m still off base, please post a mock up of what you mean.


If you want “chat look and feel” for private conversations, I would recommend fabulous Quick Messages Plugin, it really does the trick.
If you want multiuser chatroom, there is really nice Babble - A Chat Plugin, which was lately fixed by @angus (if I’m not mistaken), it seems to be pretty cool, but I’m still testing it, so can’t tell you for sure.

Messages are not designed to be instant messaging tool. They are, by design, sophisticated like regular topics, with this one difference - they are not public.
They have their topics, they can contain multiple paragraphs of formatted text, can be quoted, more people can be invited to them, and finally theu can be changed into regular topics, once authors consider them fit.

Messages are extremaly usefull tool, and if you want messenger-like experience, you have means for it :slight_smile:

(xiasummer) #7

This is a very great answer. Thank you.

While only one thing, I used babble for a time, but it suddenly stopped working. I think plugin is quite unstable maybe.

Actually, my question can also be : can we make the babble plugin build in the discourse system.


As I mentioned before, it was fixed and awaits only for the fix to be merged, but you can check it out any moment by adding branch name to your yaml file.