Suggestions Needed on Installing discourse on My Site

(Vikash Kumar) #1

I am a owner of and going to setup a forum for my site .
My site is having decent traffic and using shared hosting plan of hostgator . So my question if is i install discourse on my site then would i need to change my hosting plan or shared plan will able to handle discourse forum easily ?

Looking for quick reply .


(Dave Higgins) #2

Discourse users Docker and so the official method of installing is to use a separate cloud server; adding it to your existing hosting is not going to be easy. It may not be possible. However an easy method is to set up your Discourse on a cloud server as the installation instructions say, and then point a subdomain to the forum (e.g. in your DNS settings. You end users will see everything on your, even if the forum is on a separate server. The downside is you’ll be paying for two servers.