Summary Emails not working


I am unable to receive Summary Email from my forum.
Please assist on this

That page is only used to preview the summary email. It is not used to send the summary email. Try entering a username into the form and see if that allows you to preview the summary email.

If summary emails on your site are not being sent, make sure that the disable digest emails site setting has not been enabled. For other relavant settings, have a look at Discourse Activity Summary Emails Guide.

An easy way to see if the summary email is being sent from your site is to go to your Admin / Emails / Sent page and enter digest into the Email Type field. If the summary email is being sent, you should see a list of all users who have been sent the email.

If the issue is just that your user is not getting the summary email, that is probably because you have been active on the site. The summary email is only sent to users who have not visited the site for a while.

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Hi @simon ,
Thank you, it’s working now

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