Super-features that only Discourse does have

(Anton) #1

Dear team and members, I suggest that we collect the list of things that only Discourse can do, and no other discussion platform.

Making the next post a wiki so that everyone can edit.

In replies below, you may add your comments about how unique some particular feature is, and whether it is achievable in the other software at all with using existing free, open-source or paid solutions.

(Anton) #2

So, here is the list (I’ll start filling it in, please correct me where I’m wrong, and add your own items to the list):

Discourse Super-Features

  • Participate in topics without registering an account
  • Convert private conversations to public topics and vice-versa

(Emma Furtado) #3

Can you configure your forum to require users to be registered to post or reply? Is that a setting?



All Discourse forums require registration to post.