Support category muted for all but 2 people


(Channing Hinton) #1

I want to create a support category thats muted to all but 2 people.

Our forum is basically a support forum for doctors…so our actual Support category (Meta) should only be open to Admins here at the company that runs the Forum. However, its a transport from Google Groups so Mailing List mode is on for everyone. The Email In address is set to however, I don’t want those emails sent to everyone with Mailing List mode turned on. I only want 2 people to see those emails. Me and 1 other support person.

How do I do that?

(⛰️) #2

Put yourself and the other person into a single group. Then make a support category and set it to where everyone cannot see, create, ect by default (all category permissions are off). But the group you made that includes you and the other person can.

(Allen - Watchman Monitoring) #3

You’ll also want to assign that category its own email address, which can be setup as an alias of the forum’s primary address (discourse can sort it out as it receives the email from the one mailbox)

(Channing Hinton) #4

Wouldn’t that in effect make the support category unavailable for everyone?
I want people to be able to use it. Just not always getting email updates
from it (unless of course they submit a support request).

In other words, I want to exempt this category from the “email for every
new post” option. Other than that, it’s completely available for everyone.

(Allen - Watchman Monitoring) #7

OK, then, the only other close feature request that I know, and it’s kinda the opposite… adding watch list:

You want to add a “mute this category” to everyone’s list, then a Watch for other categories, and don’t use the current “receive every email (mailing list mode)” at all.

I ask for something like that here:

All that said, it looks like the answer to your OP is “No, not at this time”

PS Unless you’re self hosted, and you can use some of our hacks to setup auto-watches.