Support configuring hamburger selector

A small note:
The Hamburger Selector theme needs to be added as a child to each theme you make available on your forum. Otherwise once you switch to different theme you won’t be able to go back.
Also, the Hamburger Selector theme itself should have “Theme can be selected by users” turned off.


Ah, that’s very useful advice, thank you! I’ll reconfigure it!

Weird: the theme options for the Hamburger Selector do not offer me this option. The full themes do, but the theme components do not have this option. Still it’s listed in the menu.

Yes, you’re right. It shouldn’t have this option at all. Just make sure it’s assigned as a child to every theme you make available. Hamburger Selector theme should not appear in the hamburger menu.

try removing the Vincent theme and see if it helps.

Unfortunately that didn’t help. I’ve even reloaded the page and logged out and in again.

I’ll rebuild the setup sometime soon, when there are only a few users online. Perhaps that helps.