Support Content on Discourse

(Summer) #1

Our company is looking into migrating our Support Content to Discourse. We’ve pretty much figured out how we will do it, but not how we want it to look or if we want to use plugins.

Do any of you house your Support content on Discourse? Do you know of any examples of sites I could take a look at?

(Stephen) #2

We do, but it’s in categories behind security groups.

For us we just converted our old materials into Markdown in dedicated categories which particular user groups can read but not respond do.

(Benjamin Freeman) #3

Static page pluggin maybe ?

(Summer) #4

The plan is to convert existing material into Markdown. We have 100+ articles on how to use our product, and we create more every week. We want the material in Discourse because of the great search function Discourse offers. Hopefully we can have their question answered before they even ask it!

(Sam Saffron) #5

Housing the content and editing in Discourse is really easy (you even have the wiki option)

The harder problem you need to think about is how will users find the content. Perhaps start with some mockups of how you “wish” this looked on your forums and we can help direct you at the right way of extending Discourse.

Keep in mind you can have a support directory page outside of Discourse that links to Discourse topics.

(gingerling) #6

Check out how we did our manual pages: Feedback system for new phpList manual |

static pages with a link to discourse at the bottom.