Support DigitalOcean Spaces

(Anton) #1

DigitalOcean has launched Spaces - an object storage service:

The pricing is very appealing: $5/mo for 250GB.

Compare to $10/mo for 100GB block storage — another service from DigitalOcean.

This topic is a request to add support for DigitalOcean Spaces into Discourse.

(Stefano Costa) #2

If I read correctly DO Spaces is yet another S3-compatible storage service, and that is currently unsupported as per:

Perhaps the long standing relationship between DO and Discourse will make it more likely for this feature yo be added?


i’d love to see this implemented. +1


Is the underlying storage coming from SSD ?

(Sam Saffron) #5

Agree with @steko here, this is actually a bit of a dupe of Extend S3 configuration for other s3 API compatible cloud storage solutions which is something I support adding.

(Jeff Atwood) #6