Supported BBCode?


Where can I find which BBcode tags are supported (and which aren’t)?

The most basic stuff like bold, italics, links etc. all seem to work. It looks like [size= tags get ignored (and the code not shown as text) but [color= gets simply shown as text.

I’m converting a phpBB board and it would be useful to know what BBCode to filter out / replace and what BBCode I can keep.

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You might want to look at the vbulletin-bbcode plugin.

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[size=40]Size bbcode does work.[/size]

[size=40]Size bbcode does work.[/size]


So, why does:

[color=red]this is red[/color] or [color=#FF0000]this is also red[/color]
show as:
[color=red]this is red[/color] or [color=#FF0000]this is also red[/color]

but [size=150]this is large text[/size] shows as:
[size=150]this is large text[/size]

Edit: ah, it depends on the value of the text size. Those will not translate well from my current BBcode tags:

[size=50]tiny (50)[/size]
[size=85]small (85)[/size]
normal (no tags)
[size=150]large (150)[/size]
[size=200]huge (200)[/size]

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Size on DIscourse sets in pixels. Max is 40. And for color you need to add this plugin:

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Because that plugin is not enabled on meta :wink:

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I also converted from phpBB and I didn’t liked vbulletin-bbcode plugin, it have too many bbcodes. It’s like going back from markup to bbcodes again. Here’s plugins with bbcodes that I use:

      - git clone
      - git clone
      - git clone


The [size=] BBCode is not mentioned in that post.
Is there a definitive list somewhere?

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