Suppress "unassign all" from assigned activity list

(Tobias Eigen) #1

I am a bit concerned about this “unassign all” button on the assigned activity list. I think it presupposes that we remove the assignment when the topic is resolved, but that’s not how we use it on our community. We use ticket tags to monitor progress towards resolution, and want to see the assignment remain indefinitely.

Now that people get monthly assignment reminders, they will be looking at this page more and will be tempted to hit that button, which is irreversible and will create pretty big problems for us. Especially right now when there indeed is a backlog of assigned topics requiring handling.

If this could be an admin setting to enable/disable, I’d appreciate it - I can imagine sometimes we may want to be able to dismiss all and this is a great option to have available… but only on an admin level. In the meantime, is there a css solution to just make it disappear?

(Sam Saffron) #2

Yeah, I am not a fan at all of unassign all, @Roman_Rizzi can you remove it?

(Tobias Eigen) #4

Thanks, Sam! Much appreciated.

It is a useful admin feature so maybe only show it to admins, and include an “Are you sure, this is irreversible” modal?

Also, a related question. When are assigned topics still considered pending, and is there an official way to resolve an assigned topic without unassigning it? I see I have 142 (!!) pending assigned topics but I see that most of those are topics/PMs that I have responded to that do not need further handling.

(Roman Rizzi) #5

This is the actual behavior except is available for staff members. Changing it to admins only is a pretty simple change. @sam, do you think we should make this change or go ahead and remove the feature?

A topic is considered pending until someone un-assigns or closes it. As far as I know, there’s no automatic way of un-assigning topics :thinking:

Tickets Plugin :tickets:
(Stephen) #6

At the moment staff are the only ones able to participate in assign, which means many of communities using assign for lite project management have made a lot of users moderators and therefore staff.

Until those PRs are accepted everyone participating in assign is staff and can see that button.

(Sam Saffron) #7

I am sorry, @Roman_Rizzi / @tobiaseigen I just don’t support this, you can unassign one by one now by clicking on the ... thing

Unassign all is really only needed when you are off boarding a user, and even then I would argue you ought to go through the list.

I feel the request for this feature is an abuse of the assign plugin to be honest. You are saying “assignments” are sort of important but not really and clearing them is no big deal.

I can get a “Clear all” feature on bookmarks for spring cleaning, but assign is meant to be way stronger.

(Kane York) #8

It may make sense to display the button only for !me ?

(Sam Saffron) #9

I just am not getting this, why do you want to flush a team members 20 assigned things?

Only use case I can think is the Bob somehow did not understand how assign works so you are doing Bob a solid and clicking clear.

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(Tobias Eigen) #10

Yup - I agree with you here, Sam.

I guess I was hoping to hold on to just one of so very very few tools we have for bulk updating messages in discourse… but the reason I started this topic in the first place is that I am uncomfortable with the unassign all button. :slight_smile: So I’m happy it’s going away.

I’m also rethinking how we use the assign plugin in our community. More on that to come in other topics.

(Roman Rizzi) #11

Removed here: