Suppress user notification emails after not logged in for X days

(Andy at Focallocal) #1

i can see how to stop emailing summaries, but i think those are an excellent way to eep users who haven’t been engaged for a while informed.

my concern is that i have users who havent logged in for 3+ months receiving email notifications every time someone posts on a topic. sometimes 5 or more/day. it is little more than spam unless a user is actively engaged i that thread.

can i set my forum to stop notifications, but not the weekly digest, after 2 weeks without logging in?

please and thank you

(Jeff Atwood) #2

This would only be the case if they created the topic in question, or set that topic / category to watching state.

Summary emails are automatically stopped after 365 days of absence from the website.

There’s no “statute of limitations” on email notifications for direct replies or watched topics, though. There is a one-click unsubscribe link on every email, both at the topic level, and globally, that @sam added a few versions ago. You don’t even have to log in, so it’s very low friction to unsubscribe from a topic, category, or all emails.

If you want to eliminate all email to users who haven’t been on the site in some time, you’ll need to invalidate their emails, by pressing the Deactivate Account button on the admin page for this user.

Once deactivated, the user needs to sign in and re-validate their email.

(I do think there should be a site setting in Discourse to automatically invalidate emails for users who haven’t been seen in quite some time, say 2 years or more.)