Supress list markdown with number and dot

(Jakub Ryška) #1

I’m running a discourse instance with czech users. Unlike in english speaking world, we use the dot . symbol between after month and day in dates, not slash /. When user is writing 8. 1. 2001, she means a date, but the discourse will interpret it as a item of a list.

See - I’m trying to write 8. 1. 2011:

    1. 2011

Is there a way, how to supress this behaviour of markdown? Making the users to learn this and do some workaround is not optimal approach :expressionless:

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Sure try the tutorial here – pretty easy just escape the characters. Feel free to point everyone and anyone there to learn the tips and tricks or just see a reference card.

8\. 1. 2011