Suspended users profile shows they posted

I was browsing a forum today and noticed that it said that a user had posted on Oct 19. So I went on the activity and the latest was Dec 7, 2016. I was a member before Oct 16 and the user in question was suspended then. They also hadn’t been seen since Dec 7, 2016. What was this mysterious post?

The post was probably deleted.


But they were already suspended

Hi @Qantas737guy, are you an admin on this forum? Without more information we say for certain what happened here - we can only guess. If you’re not an admin, you’ll need to reach to the admins for the site in question to get more detail.s

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I am not an admin on the forum in question

well I think that is a bug in the statistic feature of Discourse.
We do see the same behavior in our installation and from time to time users are complaining why anonymized users are in the top users lists for example for this week sorted by post count …
user # anon45798572 had his last post July 30th and was then anonymized
user # anon74751180 had his last post September 24th and was then anonymized
user # anon55810704 had his last post Oktober 2nd and was then anonymized

Same behavior in the statistic for the month November 9th to December 9th
There is another anonymized user under the top ten sorted by post count
user # anon57867569 had his last post Juli 21st and was then anonymized

Looking at the first user above user # anon45798572 he is shown in the weekly statistic with 109 posts but that user only had in total 119 posts and was only part of the forum from July 22nd until July 30th.

Same behavior with /u?order=posts_read
There are two of the anonymized users under the top three users.

So quite strange statistics :wink:

fyi, I am one of the admins of our installation and do have root access to our server.
Discourse is localized in german and installed in a docker container.

What version of Discourse are you on?

v1.9.0.beta14 +18
upgrade on beta15 does not work (for which I do have another post)

On the Infinite Flight Community a user who has been banned since Jul 31, 2016 shows near the top of the leaderboard

I’ve seen similar in the past at SitePoint, here at meta, and on my dev installs.

For some reason the “last seen” isn’t being used in the User list “week” logic.

I’ve tried following the code in hope of seeing what was the cause, but so far I’ve always gotten lost and have been unable to get very far with the troubleshooting.

This is a good example. User nas been suspended since September 2016 and yet it shows they posted in October

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