Swap position of activity column and posts column

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #1

Continuing the discussion from Consolidating Activity field:

A first simple step towards making this connection clearer would be to simply move the activity column far left, adjacent to the latest poster, like so:


I think that Posts should remain to the left of Views, as Posts seems to be the more meaningful information. Otherwise, this looks good.

(probus) #3

This needs a bit more thought. Maybe the whole Users column could be reworked subtly to support this. At least, the latest poster should always be on right which it currently is not when the op is also the last poster. Maybe even align it to right for proximity to the time.

Then, you’re left with two options, 1) duplicate the avatar in case op is also last poster or 2) highlight the first poster avatar instead of last poster avatar. Option 1 has the upside that we can remove the highlighting (which looks quite ugly imo),

One idea I’ve had is not to show the frequent posters but latest posters. You could even show the avatars of posters of unread posts, which to me is much more important information than the somewhat random frequent posters. That might be a different topic though.

(Michael Downey) #4

The “last reply” currently under Activity should be under (or above) the Most Recent Poster user avatar (e.g. right-most). The first post date should be brought back, and similarly be a caption under the (left-most) Original Poster user avatar.

The “Users” column then becomes both a timeline and a highlighting of the most frequent contributors.

I realize that the Powers That Be disagree that both dates are important, but they’re wrong. :smile:

(Jeff Atwood) #5

Provide a mockup of what you are describing?

(Michael Downey) #6

More or less something like this. I wonder if it’s as intuitively obvious to others as it is the few people I’ve discussed it with:

(Luke S) #7

I kind of get where you’re going with this, and I did find it very obvious. Two concerns:

  1. To fit these numbers in, you’re either going to stretch the row higher to make room, or squash the avatars. How is this going to affect visibility? What about on mobile?
  • How do you intend to display the case that the most recent poster is the original poster? Duplicate Avatar? (Could work)

(Michael Downey) #8

I suppose this could be explored with some alternatives. Both the avatars and text size could probably go slightly smaller, and the whitespace above/below could be reduced for this item. That’s mostly a question of visual taste.

Yes, I think in such case you’d probably want the avatars duplicated. Personally I think that duplication actually provides valuable information when scanning the topics, even when there are no other participants.

You might also notice I removed the blue glow in that mockup. :slight_smile:

(Luke S) #9

I did notice. :smile:

You might want to do a slightly larger mockup, with several rows. What you have looks pretty good as it is, but if you start stacking it on top of each other, it might get busy.

If so, possible alternatives:

  • Render avatars at full height, place the black text on a saturation-reducing overlay of the lower 2/5 of the first and last avatar.
  • White text on solid overlay, same proportions as above

(Rikki Tooley) #10

Or: put the numbers before and after so there’s no stacking at all

(Jeff Atwood) #11

Yes, but then we are back to two date columns, which got a lot of pushback.

(Michael Downey) #12

This is the reason why I suggested visually associating the written dates to the other two date-oriented items in the row (original poster and most recent poster). It’s also not likely that those items will go away any time soon. :slight_smile:

(Luke S) #13

I thought about that for a moment. In addition to what @downey said, that would not visually associate nearly as strongly as his suggestion.

(Rikki Tooley) #14

Yeah. The numbers would be next to the avatars though so there would be less space used than the two columns previously.

Really, I think we should just stick with what we have at the moment: I don’t like the popup personally but it’s good enough… though I was perfectly happy with the two activity columns too.

We should speed up the ES6 work so that everyone can easily create custom templates and skins to suit their own different preferences!

(I am about to start a project with Ember, in order to learn enough so I can help contribute to Discourse… if @eviltrout will kindly explain what the ES6 work entails I will gladly spend some downtime helping out!)

(probus) #15

After trying it out for a couple of days, the popup is terrible enough that I’m don’t want to update before that gets resolved.

We could already (depends on what you mean by easily) except [you can’t without breaking mobile][1]. Which will be fixed only after v1. Which is continually pushed back because of all these changes.
[1]: How To override an existing handlebars template from plugin - Part II

(Rikki Tooley) #16

By easily, I mean as easy as WordPress: derive from an existing theme and override a few templates and everything works. Or be able to write a completely new front end. Their plugin architecture isn’t great but I think they got theming right.

To do either of these I think the current theme needs to be fully responsive - for the reason you state re: mobile themes. Also I think I read somewhere that the ES6 work has to be done before custom skinning will be feasible, which is why I mentioned it in my post.

(Robin Ward) #17

Unfortunately I’m taking a break from it until we launch V1 because it has he potential of introducing new bugs and we want a very stable release. After that I’ll write up how the works, but it’s quite error prone, as ember can sometimes make something look like it’s wired up properly when it’s not.